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PA Consulting, 2023

Tea Sheets was an internal project at PA Consulting, developed as a response to news about the amount of plastic found in a tea bag. The proposed solution was sheets made of lokta pulp that held its strength in boiling water without disintegrating. The pulp is manufactured in a similar way to paper making processes. Concentrated tea leaves were pressed into it so it hold its structure without needing additives.

The original packaging for tea sheets focused more on communicating the technical aspects of the innovation. I have reimagined it in a way that celebrates the simplicity of the original idea - tea but plastic free.

The original project can be found online here:

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Suggested on pack claims

I have researched and identified on pack claims and certifications that would apply to the material properties of the Tea Sheets product and packaging. The claims are clear, can be supported by the product development process and fall within the Green Claims Code checklist. 

process overview with icons alt-01.png

 FSC Certified lotka pulp & FSC Recycled carton

process overview with icons alt-02.png

Printed with

vegetable-based inks

process overview with icons alt-03.png

Certified compostable under EN 13432

process overview with icons alt-05.png

 OPRL for clear communication

process overview with icons alt-06.png

Printed with

Plastic Free Trust Mark 

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